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svg bezier animator
project: new breed

"What is that funky thing?"

beez:: is a vector-drawing editor/animator to create SVG animations based on W3C's specifications and Adobe's implementation.
The program is completely based on Bezier cubic-interpolated shapes (you now know why it's called so). Even rectangles and ellipses are animatable curves.

"So what will i be able to do?"

Look at Bee Bob on the right, you'll get the idea!

"How does it work?"

Movie = layers + effects (sounds usual, isn't it? You won't feel lost).

Like Frankenstein you prepare each member of your animation. Create and animate each element (path in SVG terminology) in widescreen. Frames of your animated layers appear under the timeline (honnestly, the timeline is already excellent). It's the place to precisely define the rythm of your animation. Background can contain an image or other layers.

And make it alive: create your movie by arranging, duplicating, and giving motion & effects to the layers. Program includes (on Windows platform with Adobe SVG Viewer 2+) integrated SVG preview.

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Developpers needed, join!

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About beez:: 
If you want to give your opinion, propose ideas, join the project, etc. contact me!

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