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new breed

"Is the soft ready?"

Not yet, but you can have a pre-alpha preview of the future release: download it here (requires DirectX). It's far from finished, but it's time to say how you would like the program to be!

"You wrote about a previous version?"

Sure, it's a nice app... Take a look at this archive:


beez:: is very small and clean: small install, no DLLs, no registry stuff, etc.

Guideline for a tasteful experience:

  • Download the beta.2a [245ko] (if it happens to be unstable, try the beta.1 [245ko]).
  • If not present, install Microsoft Windows 9.x/NT/2k (only one needed),
  • If not running, start Microsoft Windows (sorry Linus),
  • Execute the downloaded file and choose an installation directory that suites to your taste,
  • If you are not a hardcore user, put a shortcut in a convenient place,
  • Enjoy in a bright and dry place!

    Warning! Files .bez from versions previous beta.2a did not remind the animation center. Default for these files is (0,0) so it may be confusing. You just need to translate your drawing to correct this (mouse click&drag in the background).

    Generated SVG is known to work with the following configurations:

  • Adobe SVG Viewer 2.0 | MSIE 4+ | Windows 98/NT/2k.
  • Adobe SVG Viewer 2.0 | Netscape 6 | Windows 98.
    If someone is used to more exotic combinations, please let me know the result.

    If you observe strange things (i hope you won't), please tell me what happend.

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